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Aechmea Tayoensis

English name:

Aechmea Tayoensis

Latin name:

Tayo Vase Plant

About me:

I have compact and broad, mid-green foliage, with a muted red, spiky rosette shaped flower.

Useful to know:


I'm a rare find in the wild, but I come from Ecuador.


I can grow up to about 60cm, but as a house plant will stay more compact.


I like indirect sunlight and I can tolerate shade.


I like my soil to be moist but well drained.


Keep me away from draughts and in temperatures of between 18 and 24°C.


Please feed me dilluted fertiliser once a month during the growing season.


I need very little; remove any faded or tatty fronds. Try not to touch my leaves as they are growing though.


I like humidity so please occasionally spray me with water.


Keep me away from pets and children as I am toxic.


If grown in too much light my foliage will develop a reddish brown colour. You would also love to read about Aechmea 'Blue Rain'.

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