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Bird of Paradise

English name:

Bird of Paradise

Latin name:

Strelitzia reginae

About me:

I am grown for both my large oval leaves and flowers, although you're unlikely to see me flower indoors. I'm quite rare a find - you'll mostly come across the Nicolai variety.

Useful to know:


South Africa.


I can grow up to 150cm in height.


I prefer full or partial sun but avoid direct sun that could burn my leaves.


Leave my soil to dry out almost completely before watering and don't let me stand in water.


I like it hot! Temperatures of above 21 degrees are ideal but I can tolerate temperatures down to 13 degrees.


I like a balanced fertilizer every two weeks throughout the spring and summer. During the winter months feeding me once a month is enough.


I do not need to be pruned.


I prefer normal air humidity inside the home. During the winter months, you can mist my leaves to simulate rainfall!


I'm best kept away from children and pets.


I was named after Queen Charlotte, King George III's wife after I was brought to England from South Africa in 1773 to be part of the King's Botanical Gardens.

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