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Urn Plant

English name:

Urn Plant

Latin name:

Aechmea fasciata 'Griffe'

About me:

My star quality is the long-lasting pink flower I produce, which contrasts nicely with my surrounding grey-green marbled foliage. In the wild, I naturally grow on the branches of trees.

Useful to know:


I am native to Brazil.


I grow to about 46cm high.


I like bright, indirect light.


Water me via the well at my centre, and keep it topped up over the growing season (once every week-fortnight). In winter keep me on the dry side and water directly into my soil. Keep humidity up by misting.


I really like the warmth, so temperatures between 18-24 degrees are ideal for me.


I like a very week liquid feed every month or so over the growing season, which can be poured into my rosette or well. 


Wipe my leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust.


As a bromeliad, once my flower fades, it won't come back. However, I will produce offsets (pups) at the base section which can be propagated when they reach about 15cm tall. Read about a similar plant - Aechmea 'Blue Rain'.


I am not known to be toxic.


I was given the common name 'Urn Plant' because the way my leaves form supposedly makes me look like an urn - naturally I was a Victorian favorite!

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