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Devil's Ivy 'Marble Planet'

English name:

Devil's Ivy 'Marble Planet'

Latin name:

Epipremnum pinnatum 'Marble Planet'

About me:

I am a relatively new variety of Devil's Ivy and my closest cousin is the variegated version, Marble Queen.

Useful to know:


A greenhouse! I am a new cultivar and as such don't exist in the wild.


I am a climber so either train my vines up a moss pole or let them hang. They can reach lengths of 1.5m!


I like bright, indirect light but would be happy in a shadier spot too.


Leave the top few centimeters of my soil to dry between waterings. I need more water during growing season and less during winter.


No rooms below 10°C please.


Feed me monthly during growing season.


You can pinch out my growing tips if they getty leggy to encourage bushier growth.


I don't like draughts and love a misting. Pop me in the shower to clean the dust off my leaves - it tends to get in my marbled veins.


I am toxic so please don't eat me. 


I am sometimes wrongfully labelled as a Monstera karstenianum, which oddly enough is the incorrect name for the Monstera siltepecana!

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