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Torch Aloe Arista

English name:

Torch Aloe Arista

Latin name:

About me:

I am an evergreen flowering perennial plant and i'm pretty hardy! I produce a tubular, orange flowers once a year if i flower.

Useful to know:


I am native to the mountain grasslands of southern Africa and Lesotho.


I can grow up to 30cm in height with a spread of around 40-60cm.


I live in full sun in the wild, so a window sill is perfect.


I am drought resistant so only water me when my soil feels dry to the touch.


I'm low maintenance and should be able to cope with most temperatures.


Feed me a balanced succulent fertiliser 2 or 3 times in the growing season.


No pruning or grooming required. 


Repot me every year or two in a mix of well drained, gritty soil.


Don't eat me, this could cause severe discomfort! You would also like to read about Candelabra Aloe.


I am a pretty tough pup and have been know to grow outside and even survive a harsh UK winter.

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