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Dark Green Beetle Radiator Plant

English name:

Dark Green Beetle Radiator Plant

Latin name:

Peperomia angulata ‘Rocca Scuro’

About me:

I am a lesser seen member of the Peperomia genus. I sport fine, neatly-traced  leaves on long hanging stems.

Useful to know:


I am from Peru


I am slow-growing and will reach 20-30cm in height but my vines can get longer than that


I love medium light and really dislike direct sunlight


I store water in my leaves so only water me when the soil has dried out and never leave me sitting in water


A warm environment is best, I'll suffer if I'm in a room below 12°C


A balanced fertiliser once a month in spring and summer is enough for me


I’m super easy - just dust my leaves regularly!


Overwatering is my most likely cause of illness. I can withstand droughts but overly wet soil can kill me


Perfectly safe for all


The name Peperomia is derived from the Greek ‘peperi’ meaning ‘pepper’ and ‘homoios’, which means ‘resembling’

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