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Basket Plant

English name:

Basket Plant

Latin name:

Callisia fragans 'Variegata'

About me:

My name means 'beautiful lily' in Latin but I'm actually a Tradescantia, making me a fast grower and easy to care for. I also get beautiful white blooms if you treat me nicely. 

I am prized for my compact symmetry and paddle shaped leaves. Though I can grow bananas in the wild, you are unlikely to see any from me in your house.


Useful to know:


I am native to Mexico and South America.


I can grow to over 1m in height!


I like medium to bright light best and don't like direct sunlight.


I like my soil fairly moist so please don't let me dry out too much between waterings. Water me less during winter.


I like it on the warmer side, so no temperatures lower than 15°C please.


Feed me every few weeks with a balanced fertiliser during the spring and summer.


Wipe the dust off my rubbery textured leaves but otherwise I'm easy.


Repot me yearly as I'm a voracious grower. You can also propagate me easily from stem cuttings.


My leaves will start turning purple the more light I get so if you want to keep me green, find me a spot with less light


I am perfectly pet-friendly!

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