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String of Dolphins

English name:

String of Dolphins

Latin name:

Senecio peregrinus

About me:

I am a beautiful succulent with leaves that resemble dolphins jumping out of the water, hence my common name. I am also sometimes called Dolphin Necklace, Dolphin Plant or Flying Dolphins.

Useful to know:


I am a hybrid of the Senecio articulatus and the Senecio rowleyanus both native to southern Africa.


My vines can grow up to 1m in length.


Bright direct or indirect light - I love a bit of sunshine but not too much please!


I am a succulent so let my soil dry fully between waterings. I will need more frequent watering during spring and summer and only monthly during winter.


Room temperatures of 16-24°C are perfect.


General fertiliser once to twice a year will be enough for me.


I am fuss-free but if you snap off a vine by accident, just pop it in soil and I'll throw out some more roots!


I am susceptible to root rot if overwatered so make sure my pot can drain and I'm not left sitting in water.


I am toxic so please don't eat me. Read here about another toxic plant from similar origin - Mandarin Plant.


I might flower in late spring - look out for tiny white puffballs with orange/red halo filaments!

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