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Lichen Pot
Lichen Pot
Lichen Pot
Lichen Pot
Lichen Pot
Lichen Pot

Lichen Pot

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Lichen is one of the oldest organic substances on this planet. They evade biological classification and can survive in the toughest of environments. We think Lichen is pretty spectacular, which is why we've named this beautiful pot after the organism.

The Lichen Pot is an elegant and versatile ceramic pot that will brighten up a living room, bedroom or office. We suggest complementing its upward lines with the round forms of a Money Plant.

This pot has pale green, white and copper-brown tones and a glazed, textured surface. These markings are the result of a chemical reaction between paint and acid, an unpredictable process that shows up a little differently on each pot.

Extra Small fits 12cm growing pots 
Opening diameter: 12cm
Internal depth: 13.5cm

Small Fits 14cm growing pots
Opening diameter: 14cm
Internal depth: 15.5cm

Medium fits 17cm growing pots
Opening diameter: 17cm
Internal depth: 18.5cm

Large fits 19cm growing pots
Opening diameter: 19cm
Internal depth: 20.5cm

Extra Large fits 21cm growing pots
Opening diameter: 21cm
Internal depth: 22.5cm

Plant sold separately.