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4 different sizes of teal plant pots
Recycled Plant Tub Teal
Recycled Plant Tub Teal
Large teal plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Teal
Medium teal plant pot
Recycled Plant Tub Teal
campanulas in teal plant pot
small teal plant pot
extra small teal plant pot

Recycled Plant Tub Teal

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This eco-friendly, recycled tube may be just the cosy home your plant was needing. 
Add Style to your garden and indoor spaces with this minimalistic and functional plant tub! 

To create this unique tub, recycled plastic and natural stone powder are mixed and sprayed in a mould. The spraying gives an individual look to each pot so they all look a little different. 

Because they are weather-resistant, they will not discolour under direct sunlight. 

Key Benefits — Eco-friendly and sustainable!

  • Made of recycled materials
  • 100% recyclable 
  • Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant and frostproof
  • It has its own exclusive drainage system that contributes positively to easy gardening and prolongs your plants' lifespan.
  • Ideal for new plant parents! 

How does the drainage system work? 

The system is integrated into the bottom of the pot so it's not visible.

Excess water is kept from roots while still being accessible when they are drying out. The surplus water seeps down and is collected in the system’s storage area.

If you keep the pot outside, remove the plug in the bottom so the excess water can run out. 

During dryer seasons, the roots can reach the water storage hydrating itself. 

How to use

Just put your plant in its original nursery pot straight into the new pot

Care Tips: The Teal Plant Tub

We recommend filling ⅓ of the pot with hydro granules before adding the soil and plant. 

These pots are made with interiors in mind but are weather-resistant, if you keep them outside, and the weather is frosty, bring them inside. 

Did you know? 

The origin of plant pots dates back to 10,000 years ago.

The Egyptians were the first to use pots to move plants from one place to another. Romans realised that potted plants would survive better in colder climates if brought indoors. 

Good For You!

Ornamental colourful pots and plants can work together in creating a well-being space in your home!


Extra Small Fits 12 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 12 cm 

Internal depth: 9 cm

Small Fits 14 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 14 cm

Internal depth: 9 cm

Medium Fits 15cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 17 cm

Internal depth:  13 cm

Large Fits 19 cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 19 cm

Internal depth: 16 cm

Give your plant a cosy and sustainable home to live in and get your garden tub now! Also available in other colours!