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Plant Delivery

Bloombox Club has been delivering indoor plants directly to customers since 2015. We are proud to be one of few indoor plant retailers who deliver both in and outside of London, with popular outposts in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Glasgow. Our plants are picked by growers, boxed-up in specialist packaging and shipped by post. The best thing about our service is that you don’t have to be at home. We ship all houseplants with our wonderful courier, so your package can be left in a safeplace near your house. To celebrate our eight year in business, we thought we'd do a round of the best-selling houseplants by city!

Scroll down to find out which plant is the most popular in your area!

The London Plant

You might think of Londoners as the most cutting edge of plant fans, but actually these guys are most likely to buy the classic Chinese Money Plant.

Not that we can blame them of course! The Chinese Money Plant is popular for a reason: its unique spherical shape appears harmonious to us on a biological level. Plus the Money Plant is infinitely shareable - look after yours well and you'll have new pups in know time, which you can re-pot and give away to friends and family.


The Manchester Plant

More people from Manchester have bought Snake Plants than people from Aberdeen have bought plants from us at all!

We don't know what it is about these hardy, air-purifying plants that resonates so strongly with Mancunians, but resonate it does. Next time we go out on Carnaby Street, we'll have a scout around to see if we can spy any Sansevierias. 



The Birmingham Plant

We're stretching this a bit by collapsing Birmingham and Wolverhampton in one, but the Areca Palm, has been a hugely popular plant in these cities in the Midlands. 

Far away from home, the Areca Palm (Dypsis lutescens) is originally from the rainforests of South America, but it adapts well to indoor environments and can help boost humidity in your home. 


The Leeds Plant

Leeds' favourite trailing plant: The Green Sweetheart plant, or Philodendron scandens. 

The Philodendron scandens might look whimsical but it's a fairly vigorous grower and a long-life plant. They can do well in low light conditions and will instantly transform indoor environments into living spaces. 


The Glasgow Plant

Renowned for being a wet city, it makes sense that plant people in Glasgow are into bright, lush green plants. 

The houseplant craze has really taken off in Scotland's second busies city, with every cafe sporting at least a few Swiss Cheese Plants or Hanging Monkey Masks


The Southampton Plant

Over the last few years, Bloombox Club has delivered nearly 18,000 plants to the city of Southampton alone. 

One of the most popular plants, our customer research has shown, is the beautiful Bird of Paradise Plant (or Strelizia reginae), a green foliage plant originally from South Africa. 


The Liverpool Plant

Home of The Beatles, Cilla Black and the newest of the Tate galleries, the people of Liverpool are also big plant fans, and we've successfully delivered to over 8,000 customers based in the city. 

Our best selling plant to the people of Liverpool is the kooky and unusual looking Pineapple Plant (or Ananas comosus 'Amigo'). 


The Newcastle Plant

Newcastle, one of the most northerly cities in England, is partial to one of our all-round bestsellers: the Money Tree. 

Money Trees, not to be confused with the similarly named (but very different looking) Money Plant.

A beautiful mini tree with twisted trunk, this hardy plant will liven up any space. It requires little maintenance as its trunk holds water, so no need to stress there.