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Welcome your plant sanctuary at home, where wellness and plants unite for your body, mind, and soul.

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Top Air Purifying Plants

Curious about the top air-purifying plants for your home oasis? NASA's Clean Air Study identified the best plants for purifying indoor air, and we have them all here! Create a healthy green space at home with this collection.

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Clean Air Q&A ?

Which plant is capable of eliminating mould from the air?

The snake plants (Sansevieria trifasciata) are known to be effective at removing various indoor air pollutants, including mould spores, and can contribute to improved air quality in indoor environments. However, the exact percentage of mould elimination may vary depending on factors such as the size of the space, the number of plants, and the severity of the mould issue.

What are the best plants at absorbing toxins and pollutants from the air?

Certain plants, such as the Parlour Palm, demonstrated the remarkable ability to absorb a comprehensive range of pollutants during testing.
Conversely, some plants, like the Boston Fern, exhibited a more discerning approach to the substances they absorbed.
Nevertheless, formaldehyde was absorbed by all the tested plant varieties.
Other plants, such as the Boston Fern, were a little more selective about what they absorbed.
However, all of the plants that were tested absorbed Formaldehyde.

Why a technology focused company explored air purifying plants?

In the confined environments of space stations devoid of fresh air, astronauts faced heightened risks of inhaling pollutants, leading to intensified effects due to the absence of air circulation and limited ventilation. Instead of relying solely on technology, they opted to explore a solution that has been present since the dawn of humanity: PLANTS!

A Plant Therapy Book

Authored by psychologist and founder of Bloombox Club, Dr. Katie Cooper: "Plant Therapy" showcases interesting evidence as to why being surrounded by houseplants can naturally boost your wellbeing, no matter what your environment!
🍃 Chapter 1: The Human-Nature Relationship
🍃Chapter 2:Plants and Health
🍃 Chapter 3: Plants and People
🍃Chapter 4: Living with Plants
🍃Chapter 5: A plant directory with plant care tips.
And the best part! You can find all the plants in this book as part of our Indoor Plant Collection at Bloombox Club.

Start my Plant Therapy Journey
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