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Fishbone Cactus

English name:

Fishbone Cactus

Latin name:

Epiphyllum Anguliger

About me:

I am a member of the night blooming cactus family, so if you treat me right, I will produce stunning flowers. They smell strongly of vanilla and are very beautiful, but are tragically short-lived: they open in the evening, bloom at night and die the next morning.

Useful to know:


I come from tropical rainforests in Mexico.


I can trails 1-2m! I'm fast growing too.


I prefer medium light conditions, so no sunlight please.


Water me more during the summer and less during winter. Once a week alongside a good misting will do.


I like average to warm conditions 16-25°C.


Apply a weak cactus feed during the summer.


If I'm getting too big too quickly, feel free to trim me back.


I am susceptible to black rot disease so don't let me get too wet. Bacteria (erwinia cacticida) can eat away at my roots until nothing but a black mush is left!


Good news: I am pet-safe!


Don't confuse me with Selenicereus Anthonyanus - we're very similar but not the same plant. My flowers are golden yellow and the Selenicereus has purple and beige ones.

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