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Monkey Mask Monstera

English name:

Monkey Mask Monstera

Latin name:

Monstera adansonii

About me:

You might be more familiar with a close relative of mine: the Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa), I'm a little bit rarer and have been name 'monkey mask,' as some think my leaves look like monkeys' faces.

Useful to know:


Mexico and Central America.


You can leave me traling down or support me with a moss pole. My vines can get to lengths of up to 2m!


I prefer bright, indirect light but I will tolerate light shade. No direct sunlight, please.


Wait for my sol to dry out before giving me a drink.


I like warm conditions from 18-27°C. Anything lower and I'll grow really slowly.


One a month over the growing season, feed me with a balanced fertiliser.


Wipe my leaves gently to remove accumulated dust so that I can breathe properly.


If I'm getting to wild, you could train me to climb bamboo or a moss pole.


Keep away from pets and children.


I am often mislabelled as the Monstera Obliqua, which is a very rare cousin of mine only seen in the wild a mere 17 times!

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