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Detail of  the Philodendron Green Princess green glossy leaves
Philodendron Green Princess in a blue pot
Philodendron Green Princess in a red pot
Close up of the Philodendron Green Princess' leaves
Philodendron Green Princess in a coral coloured pot
Close up of the Philodendron Green Princess' leaves
Philodendron Green Princess in a beige basket

Philodendron 'Green Princess'

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The Philodendron 'Green Princess' is a beautiful plant that features rich green, glossy oval-shaped leaves. This is a compact plant that, unlike other Philodendrons, has small and simplistic foliage: the perfect little plant to brighten up small spaces! 

The Green Princess will thrive in a spot with moderate light levels and will make the perfect addition to bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and areas that receive less light.

Growing pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 20-25cm

Key Benefits — Dust-Trapping and Vitality! 

  • Psychologists explain that the colour green is one of the reasons why we feel happier in nature. Green makes us feel healthy and vital - that's why you see this colour in hospitals and pharmacies. 
  • Plants with large leaf surfaces like the Philodendron Green Princess are great at trapping dust and keeping them away from surfaces and your lungs! (But make sure to wipe them with a clean cloth when the dust builds up) 

Plant Care Tips: Philodendron 'Green Princess'

  • Pop your Green Princess preferably in an area with medium indirect sunlight. Shadier spots are also OK.
  • They like warm and humid environments so, keep them away from draughts and mist them often. Steamy kitchens and bathrooms are the perfect rooms! 
  • Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Let the top layer dry out between waterings and make sure the pot has good drainage.
  • During the warmer months, feed it with a liquid fertiliser. 
  • When you notice the roots outgrowing the pot, it’s time to repot the plant. Use a rich peat-based soil that is not too heavy

The Philodendron 'Green Princess' Story

Sometimes also called ‘Green-Leaf’, this Philodendron is an evergreen perennial cultivar from the Araceae family. 

Where is it from?

Philodendrons are native to the tropical rainforests of South America and the Caribbean. The Green Princess is a new hybrid.

Who is the Philodendron 'Green Princess'?

This Princess is the type of plant that will let you know it needs a bit of attention through the colouring and shape of its leaves;

Small and/or pale leaves mean that it’s exposed to too much light, burnt or dry leaves can come up due to over-fertilising or low humidity, brown spots appear due to sunburn. Yellow spots are normal, we see them as ‘beauty freckles’.   

Good For You!

  • Compassion: Build a nurturing relationship with the Philodendron Green Princess, and you’ll notice that you’ll start being more compassionate towards people and yourself! 
  • Calming: Being around plants can reduce levels of cortisol, helping you relax and slow down. 

Is The Philodendron 'Green Princess' The Right Plant For Me?

A great option for those looking for a Philodendron but without much space. The Green Princess is a compact variety and it doesn’t require plant supports like some Philodendrons.

A simple but impressive plant that can be placed on tabletops and windowsills (providing the lighting is adequate). 

It’s also relatively easy to maintain if you follow the correct care instructions.

Pets: Harmful to pets

How tall does it grow? A reasonably quick grower, but it will remain compact reaching a maximum of 50 to 60 cm in height. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 


A smaller version of Philodendron but equally beautiful! Get yours today! 

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