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Plant Gifts

Are you in search of a plant gift that best captures the warmth and growing bond between you and your loved ones? If that's the case, then what better way than to have aesthetic plants wrapped and delivered to their very doorstep. It could be the gift that blossoms into a more meaningful relationship with your family and friends.

All Plant Gifts

All Plant Gifts

Plant Therapy | Dr. Katie Cooper - Bloombox ClubPlant Therapy Book - Nature indoors
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Plant Therapy

Garden Essentials online: 3 Tool SetGarden Tool Trio - Nurturing Greenery indoors
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3 Piece Garden Tool Set

Set: 3 Heart Shaped Plants | Gift for Plant LoversSet: 3 Heart Shaped Plants | Gift for Plant Lovers
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Set: 3 Heart Shaped Plants

Yellow Bee House- Pollinator friendly gardenBee House for garden Pollinators - Buzzy Abode
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Silver Bee House | Silver Metal roof - Bloombox ClubSide view of a  green bee house with silver roof and bamboo tubes
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Silver Bee House

Earthy Plant Gift | Sustainable Gift and Bundle for Plant LoversBloombox Club Mister
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Earthy Plant Gift

Green Thumbs Gift |  Gift for Plant LoversBloombox Mister spray bottle
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Green Thumbs Gift

Gardening Gloves - Protection and Comfort for Green Thumbs
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Gardening Gloves

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Plants make us happier so there's no better gift for a loved one than a plant voucher or plant gift subscription!