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Asparagus Emerald Fern 'Sprengeri'

Asparagus Densiflorus 'Sprengeri'

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Ready for a splash of lush african life in your home?

Look no further than the sprawling Asparagus Sprengeri! With its vibrant green leaves flowing over the edge of a pot or hanging basket, you can be the envy of your green-fingered friends.

Key Benefits of Asparagus Emerald Fern 'Sprengeri'

Bless The Ferns Down In Africa

The Asparagus Sprengeri exudes a kind of wild energy, as epitomized by its incredible tumbling leaves. You can't help but let them wander outside of their potted home, so make sure to provide the Sprengeri with plenty of breathing space!

  • Enjoy the unique charm of the sprawling leaves of the Sprengeri.
  • Fill the room! These free-spirited plants can grow up to 1m wide and 1m long.
  • A sprawling detailed effect.The sharpness of the foliage counters its wild nature beautifully.
  • Liven up a blank wall with this exuberant fern from a hanging basket.
  • Easy-to-care for:all you need to do is leave the Sprengeri with indirect light and topped up with water. Spray with a fine mist in winter to maintain humidity when the heating's on!

The Asparagus Sprengeri Story

Where Am I From?

My country of origin is the great South Africa, specifically across the Cape and Northern Provinces. A wonderfully diverse country, I find myself fitting in most easily in the more humid areas where I can get my fix of water.

Who Am I?

To the untrained eye I look like a fern, and indeed, that's what people call me! I am, in fact, a Lily in disguise (part of the Liliaceae family).

But it's an easy mistake to make. My lengthy stems bend away from the soil in soft curves and are covered in lots of spiky green needles. Don't worry, they aren't sharp! This makes me look less dense than my cousin the Asparagus Meyeri, but much more delicate and elegant. At least that's my opinion!

When it comes to keeping me happy in your home, I'm pretty laid-back. I can thrive nearly anywhere, but make sure to keep me in bright indirect light for best results. 

Oh, and keep the soil moist, but don't let me sit in water! A soggy bottom's the last thing I need and may make my leaves turn yellow. If that happens, you know what you've done wrong!

Although I like being in a warm British household, make sure to mist me frequently, especially in the winter when the heating is on. If you have a well-lit bathroom, I'm a great plant to pop in there!

Why I'm Good For You!

  • Vitality: my vibrant green foliage has been scientifically proven to make you feel good! By triggering an immune response in your brain, I can cause you to feel vital and healthy, just like me!
  • Perspective: I am alive, and this very fact has a significant impact on your general awareness. By being in the presence of plants, you can feel more embedded within the ecosystem and part of something living and breathing.

Is The Asparagus Sprengeri The Right Plant For Me?

The Asparagus Sprengeri is perfect for plant-lovers that like to provide their green friends the space and freedom to do their thing. Although, If you're one for well-contained tameable plants, you can still keep the Sprengeri in check, it may just require a little more pruning than you would like! Then again, their may well be better options.

Having said that, the elegant needle-like leaves and cascading vines create such a beautiful effect, you may be swayed either way.

Asparagus Emerald Fern 'Sprengeri' Care Guide


Find me a spot that gets no more than 4 hours of direct sun, or my leaves might dry up or get scorch marks


Wait for the top 2-5cm of my soil to dry out between waterings. This is roughly every 7 days in summer and 10 days in winter


I am easy-going. Just snip off any dry leaves and give me the occasional dusting to keep me looking my best.

Asparagus Emerald Fern 'Sprengeri' General Information



Price Match Guarantee:

If you find the same plant at another online shop for a better price, we will match it.**Exempt are online garden centers and DIY markets and sales offers.

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On orders over £85.

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