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Caladium Fiesta Close up
Caladium Fiesta in black pot

Caladium Fiesta

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The biggest Caladiums we've ever had!

The Caladium Fiesta is a beautiful tropical plant. Its large heart-shaped leaves with contrasting dark pink veins make this plant a great natural ornament to decorate any home with style! 

They grow beautifully both indoors and outdoors! 

Overall plant height including growing pot:  45-55cm height including growing pot

Growing pot size: Growing pot size 24cm diameter. 

Key Benefits — Relaxing and Purifying 

NASA researchers revealed that plants are great natural air purifiers. They remove impurities from the air and release clean air. Tropical plants like Caladiums are particularly effective, making them a great companion for those who struggle with breathing problems. 

Studies show that perceiving fractal patterns puts us in a state of ease and helps relieve stress. The Caladium Fiesta’s attractive patterns are interesting enough to please our senses! 

Plant Care Tips: The Caladium Fiesta Plants

  • The Caladium Fiesta will appreciate an environment that mimics its native habitat of the tropical forests
  • Temperatures from 22 to 25ºC are ideal. If you keep your plant outdoors, bring it back inside in the winter. 
  • Humidity is also important, if you don’t have a humidifier, you can place the plant in its pot on a tray with pebbles and water, misting it often also helps. 
  • Water the plant often, keeping the soil always moist but not wet. 
  • Place your Caladium Fiesta in an area with bright but indirect sunlight
  • During the growing season, feed it with a liquid fertiliser or slow-release pellets 

The Caladium Fiesta Story

Caladiums grow in bulbs that come back every year. Their tubers are easily damaged in cold weather so, in the winter, you can remove them and replant them in the spring. 

Where are they from?

Caladiums are tropical plants native to Central and South America 

Is the Caladium Fiesta the right plant for me?

If the correct care instructions are followed, they can be quite low-maintenance. 

They are also resistant to diseases, pests, heat and humidity so can be a great plant for new plant parents! 

The Caladium Fiesta may get a little transit fatigued and arrive at its new home a tad bit dry. This is expected and easily remediated with watering. Give it 24 to 48 hours and it will be back to its usual glorious self!

Is it toxic? Toxic when ingested. Keep away from pets and children. 

How tall does it get? It can grow up to 60 cm tall and wide. 

*Decorative pots sold separately 

A trendy plant that will bring a tropical feel to your home. Get yours now! 

There are more than a thousand types to choose from, we curated our favourites! Make sure you check our other Caladiums! 

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