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Large Candelabra Aloe
Large Candelabra Aloe Plant
Aloe arborescens plant
Aloe arborescens house plant

Large Candelabra Aloe

Aloe arborescens

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A cousin of the more common Aloe Vera, the Candelabra is a South African native, growing from sea level up to the top of rocky mountains. It flowers with amazing bright red, tall blooms in its natural habitat and can withstand anything from bright sunshine to moderate frost, so perfect for inside and out. Don’t overwater and it will be happy wherever you put it!

I am one of 130 species of Aloe in the world, but I am the most familiar. The Latin 'arborescens' means tree-like and I grow as a many-branched shrub. I have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries - I'm even mentioned in ancient Egyptian papyrus scrolls.

Other common names: Krantz Aloe, Torch Aloe

Growing pot size: 17cm diameter

Plant size: height including growing pot 50cm approx.


Useful to know:


I originate in South Africa.


Outdoors, I can grow to 2-3m high, but in your home I'll probably not get bigger than about 80cm.


I love light and can withstand six to eight hours of direct sun. Find the brightest spot in your home and pop me in there.


Water me when my soil is dry to 2" below the surface. Make sure I am not sitting in water - I can't stand soggy soil!


I will grow well in normal room temperatures and I'm tolerant of dry air.


I generally do not need fertilising but if it's going round, I'll gladly have some!


No need to fuss over me - I'm happy as I am.


I'm easy going and really don't need much other than a bright spot.


Good news: I am pet friendly!


The extract in my leaves is such a powerful healer that I was used to treat radiation burn victims in Hiroshima. 



Excludes decorative pot.