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Chinese money plant in blue Atlantic pot
Close up of different sizes Atlantic pots

Chinese Money Plant & Atlantic Pot

Pilea peperomioides with Atlantic Pot Small

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A long-time favourite among houseplant owners, no collection is complete without a money plant. This one hails from East Asia, but it is not so distantly related to the nettles which grow wild in Britain. We've paired the Pilea peperomioides with the dappled glazed blue Atlantic Pot Small. The vivid shades of deep blue and the bright green of the plant's foliage complement each other perfectly and will create a beautiful pop of colour in your home.

Money Plants are very easy to look after, just make sure you keep them OUT of direct sunlight and monitor your watering.

They are also famously easy to propagate. Look out for pups and, once they've got a solid root stem and several leaves, re-pot and share with friends to bring wealth and prosperity!

Combo includes: Pilea peperomioides (12cm) & Atlantic Pot Small 

Decorative pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including decorative pot: 15-20cm

Pets: Pet friendly