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Bright green upright Candelabra Cactus
The Candelabra Cactus with fairy lights  in a teal plant pot.
Candelabra Cactus in a grey plant pot
Detail of the Candelabra cactus
Candelabra cactus adorned with fairy lights

Candelabra Cactus

Euphorbia eritrea

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The Candelabra Cactus is an upright, architectural succulent, hailing from the Horn of Africa. In its native Oromo speaking countries, it is called 'adaamii'.

Although it looks like a cactus, it doesn’t have spines, but thorns but it’s equally easy to maintain. 

It likes lots of bright, direct sunlight and very little water, especially during the winter when it should be left for months at a time. Despite being a sun-dweller, we think it makes a fantastic gift as well as an alternative Christmas plant!

Choose from 2 sizes: 


Growing pot size: 19cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 45-55cm


Growing pot size: 21cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 65-75cm

Key Benefits — Focus and Productivity 

Many studies have shown that exposure to nature can relieve work-related stress, boost people’s ability to maintain focus and increase productivity. No wonder so many people turned plants during the lockdown and increased homeworking! 

Plant Care Tips: Candelabra Cactus

  • Place your Candelabra Cactus in a bright spot with plenty of sunlight but be aware that, the brighter the location, the more water it will need.
  • Let the soil dry out completely in between waterings. In the colder months, it will need even less hydration.
  • The ideal temperature will be between 12 and 32ºC. 
  • If you notice any yellowing or browning leaves, remove them to encourage better growth. 
  • Use a Cactus labelled fertiliser during the growing season every two months. 
  • Repotting is only necessary every 3 to 4 years during the Spring. Use a Cactus & Succulent potting mix and the next size pot with good drainage.

The Candelabra Cactus Story

Where is it from?

Native to Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia.

Who is the Candelabra Cactus?

Really really, even in its native habitat, Euphorbias can grow disk-shaped flowers. But don’t expect this to happen as a houseplant!

Although it’s commonly known as a cactus, its sharp edges are called thorns instead of spines (in the case of cacti).

Good for you!

  • Feel happy!: There have been documents showing that life around houseplants has reduced people’s feelings of stress, anger, fatigue and depression! 
  • Concentration: Researches have shown that houseplants with stimulating colours can improve concentration, productivity and boost memory!

Is The Candelabra Cactus The Right Plant For Me?

As with every other succulent, the Candelabra Cactus requires very little maintenance. Making sure it’s not over-watered will guarantee it lives a long, healthy life.

Toxicity: This plant is classified as poisonous so, keep it away from pets and children. Wash your hands immediately after handling it or use gardening gloves, Euphorbia sap contains highly toxic latex

How tall does it grow? This slow growing plane can reach anything up to 3 metres tall.

*Decorative pots sold separately 

A super easy to look after succulent that will bring you back to nature!


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