Indoor Plants Box

Feature plants in their pots - the perfect way to bring the outdoors in.

  • One unique, statement plant and care card delivered every quarter
  • Comes with its very own beautiful ornamental ceramic pot
  • Price includes Saturday courier delivery
  • Save 10% with yearly subscription
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Indoor Plants Box

Each quarter you will receive a unique and carefully selected feature plant for  your home, complete with it's own ornamental ceramic pot.  All our indoor plants have been chosen for their "wow" factor and are guaranteed to bring a sense of calm and wellbeing to your interior.  

Each new plant comes with its very own keepsake plant care card and ongoing accessible and enjoyable plant care information from our Plant Hub that will allow you to get to know your plant and care for it in the best way possible way whilst giving you creative tips and inspiration to make the most of the latest addition to your home.

The Details:

Currently taking orders for the second Friday of next month - 7th July!
NB. Cut off order date is 3rd July
A second delivery date is always available on the third Friday of every month, however please email to request this.

Delivery & packaging included!! Delivery Nationwide

Save 10% when you sign up for a Yearly Subscription! 


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Indoor Plants Box Indoor Plants Box Indoor Plants Box Indoor Plants Box Indoor Plants Box Indoor Plants Box
Welcome pack

Free air plant with your welcome pack

All new subscription customers will receive our welcome pack, consisting of your first plant care card, silver card collecting ring and your very own baby air plant to care for while you wait for your first delivery.

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Welcome pack

Plant care cards

We know that not everyone has green fingers, or the time to learn about how to look after plants which is why we go the extra mile and include a free care package to support you in growing and caring for your plants. Not only do we have our own individual care cards for each plant but we also provide you with planting-up guides, ongoing inspiration, tips and information on all our plant collections via our blog and newsletters. All our care information is carefully curated for you by our in-house horticultural expert Michael Perry aka Mr Plant Geek.

Plants & Wellbeing

Everyone knows that plants make your home, indoors & out, look fabulous but did you know that plants could help make you feel fabulous on the inside too!? Here are some facts we thought you may like to know?

Having plants in your home creates a tranquil environment to move, work or relax in, but more than that keeping plants indoors has been shown to have huge positive effect on wellbeing. They not only improve the air quality around you and buffer loud noises, but they can help you sleep better, and reduce anxiety levels. Caring for plants can even help better our levels of compassion for ourselves and others.

As seen in:

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Why Subscribe?

Our subscriptions make plants and gardening more accessible.
We deliver each quarter straight to your door.
Our plants are great quality and long lasting.
We source interesting and unique collections of plants.
We help you to look after them with our care cards and interactive blog.
All our plant choices are endorsed by The Plant Geek.
Having plants in your life improves and enhances your wellbeing.
No more wasting your precious Saturdays at the garden centre.

Mr. Plant Geek

Voted one of the UK's top 20 horticulturalists - you may have seen him on television - Mr Plant Geek is our in-house horticultural advisor and brand ambassador. We use his big old gardening noggin to help us refine our plant selections, iron out our plant care and make sure that we are bringing you all that is new and interesting in the plant world FIRST. You can find him on Instagram right here.