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Dracaena Song of Jamaica plant with green and yellow leaves
Dracaena Song of Jamaica | Dracaena reflexa 'Song of Jamaica'
Dracaena Song of Jamaica with green and yellow leaves
Dracaena Jamaica in a beige and brown basket
Close up of the Dracaena Song of Jamaica's leaves
CLoseup of the Dracaena Song of Jamaica's leaves
Dracaena Song of Jamaica in a beige basket with handles

Dracaena Song of Jamaica

Dracaena reflexa 'Song of Jamaica'

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The Dracaena Song of Jamaica is a rare variation of the more common Dracaena Song of India. They have gorgeous stems which bow out at odd angles in a way that is rarely seen in Europe. The leaves of this plant are set close together, branching off from a central stalk, which makes them look nice and full.

As these plants grow, they have a tendency to lean over from the weight of the leaves, which adds to their wise, mythical appearance.

When plants get to a larger size, they're fairly easy to maintain. (Handy for offices!).  Luckily for you, this one is a big one

Growing pot size: 30cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 100 - 115cm

Key Benefits — ‘I wanna jam it wid you’!

… and we hope you like jammin’ too! 

According to evolutionary psychologists, plants with narrow trunks and large, overhanging canopies are thought to inspire feelings of safety, because they recall our ancestral home on the Savannah.

Dracaenas have also been used in the NASA Clean Air Study and were proven to help remove formaldehyde from the air, making them effective air cleaners! 

So, as well as making your home environment better looking, it should make your environment better for you!

Plant Care Tips: Dracaena Song of Jamaica

  • To keep your Dracaena reflexa in good condition, give it a good amount of bright indirect light. Direct sunlight, especially the hot afternoon sun can scorch its leaves.
  •  Wait until the top of the soil is dry between waterings and make sure the soil is kept evenly moist.
  • Mist it often for extra humidity and the plant will thrive. 
  • If you notice tall bare stems, prune them to stimulate new and dense growth and prevent a leggy appearance. 
  • Feed it during the growing season with a balanced water-soluble fertiliser. 

The Dracaena Song of Jamaica Story

Where is it from?

The  Dracaena reflexa is native mostly to Madagascar but it’s also found in Mauritius and other islands of the Indian Ocean.

Who is the Dracaena Song of Jamaica?

Although some people may think they are the same plant because both display short, narrow pointed leaves that are arranged spirally on the stems, the Dracaena reflexa ‘Song of India’ has stripes that are more yellow-y. The ‘Song of Jamaica's stripes are off-white

Good For You!

  • Positive vibes: Leafy house plants like the Song of Jamaica help reduce the serotonin levels in our brain, relieving the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
  • Productivity: Introducing even a small collection of indoor plants in your office or study space can help increase your productivity, memory and creativity! 

Is Dracaena Song of Jamaica The Right Plant For Me?

If you want a large plant to brighten up your room and is not too complicated to care for, Song of Jamaica may be the perfect option! 

It survives well in most areas unless you are near the coast where the air can be on the salty side. 

Pets: Harmful to pets

How tall does it grow?  When mature, in the wild, it can reach about 8 feet tall, with a width of 6 feet, but indoors it will rarely grow over 6 feet tall. 

*Decorative basket sold separately 


Dracaena Song of Jamaica; get together and feel alright! Available now!