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Large Swiss Cheese Plant

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Iconic, large, glossy heart-shaped leaves and an easy to care for nature makes the Swiss Cheese Plant, truly one of those trends worth getting involved in. It has the capacity to grow very tall, even in your home - its aerial roots have often been used in Peru as ropes! Other names for it include Split leaf Philodendrom, Monster fruit, Fruit salad plant and Window plant.

Available with or without ceramic pot. Please note, we pick the best pot for the plant and this may vary from the pot shown.

Latin name: Monstera deliciosa

Size: Comes in 17cm growing pot. Approx foliage height 53cm

Pets: Snacking on the leaves in excess can cause gastrointestinal discomfort so keep it away from pets that like to nibble on plants.

Care: Easy to care for, likes humidity and a decent amount of light. For more info see our Plant Care Hub

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