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Nebular Pot
Nebular Pot - Medium
Nebular Pot - Extra Large
Nebular Pot - Large
Nebular Pot - Small
Nebular Pot with Plant
Nebular Pot - Mikado
Nebular Pot Satin Pothos
Nebular Pot Medium - Hydrangea Blue
Nebular Pot Large Lipstick

Nebular Pot

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Nebular is made out of sturdy, high-quality clay and half dipped in white paint, with the unpainted base left unglazed. The contrasting textures give this pot a contemporary authenticity. They are specially handmade so, each pot is unique! Pair it with a classic plant to offset the look, or a minimal Monstera for that urban jungle aesthetic!

Nebular Pot Small:

  • Fits 10-12cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 12.5cm
  • Internal depth: 12cm

Nebular Pot Medium:

  • Fits 13-14 cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 15cm
  • Internal depth: 13.5cm

Nebular Pot Large:

  • Fits 15-17cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 17cm
  • Internal depth: 15cm

Nebular Pot Extgra Large:

  • Fits 18cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 18.3cm
  • Internal depth: 17cm

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