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Parachute Plant
Ceropegia sandersonii UK
Ceropegia sandersonii plant uk

Parachute Plant

Ceropegia sandersonii

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The Parachute Plant is wonderful, weird and beautiful. 

I am a tough succulent with large parachute-like flowers, hence my common name.

Like its close relation, the Ceropegia woodii (or Hanging Hearts), the Parachute Plant has strong vines that will trail downwards whimsically if left alone, but they can also be trained to climb with a supportive frame (white frame pictured is included).

The leaves of the Parachute Plant open out and reform like tiny parachutes. Each one is incredibly delicate and bears tiny little hairs at the edges.

The leaves have a mottled skin that gives the plant a half alien; half fairy tale appearance. In their native South Africa, these plants tend to grow on other plants and trees (a group of plants known as epiphytes).

Growing pot size: 12cm diameter. 

Pets: toxic. 

Useful to know:


I am native to South Africa and Mozambique.


My stems can grow to 2m in length. I can climb or be left to trail from a basket.


I like bright indirect light to part shade but no direct sunlight please.


Water me every 7-10 days in spring and summer, leave my soil to dry during autumn and winter between waterings.


Room temperatures of 16-24°C are perfect. I don't like cold draughts!


A half strength fertiliser during spring and summer every few weeks will be enough for me.


I don't need much in the way of grooming, just keep my leaves free of dust.


I am perfectly safe for pets and children.


I am a recipient of the RHS Award of Garden Merit in 2017, a mark of quality awarded since 1922.


*Decorative pot sold separately.