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Close up of the Philodendron Imperial green leaves
Close up of the Philodendron Imperial green leaves
Close up of the Philodendron Imperial green leaves
Philodendron imperial green shot from above
Philodendron Imperial Green
Philodendron Imperial Green
Philodendron Imperial Green in a beige pot
Philodendron Imperial Green in a beige pot
Philodendron imperial green in a green pot

Philodendron Imperial Green

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The Philodendron Imperial Green has lush, vibrant leaves that will add a sense of vitality to your living space.

This unusual plant is a relatively new hybrid, bred specifically to be a robust houseplant, so you should have no trouble keeping it in shape. Just make sure it's away from direct sunlight, kept lightly moist, but not drenched, and make sure you dust its big leaves.

Being unusually dark in appearance, it will also add variety to your plant collection. Higher biodiversity in your environment has been linked to improved mental wellbeing (if you need an extra incentive to buy this glossy beauty!)

Growing pot size: 14cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 35-45cm

How to Care for the Philodendron Imperial Green

  • Like other Philodendrons, it will survive better in moderate to bright indirect sunlight but can do well in shaded areas. Avoid direct sunlight.  
  • Allow the top of the soil to dry out between waterings. Water enough to make the soil moist, not wet. 
  • Temperatures between 18 and 28ºC are preferred but it tolerates anything down to 12ºC. Avoid cold draughts. 
  • Throughout the growing season, feed it with a weak liquid fertiliser twice or three times. 
  • Use a clean damp cloth to remove dust and remove yellowing leaves. 

Key Benefits - Purifying and Dust trapping

This plant will help improve air quality by filtering substances such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

The Imperial Green is also great at collecting dust, keeping them away from your furniture’s surfaces. A great plant to add to your collection if you suffer from breathing problems! 

The Philodendron Imperial Green Story

The Philodendron Imperial Green is a cultivar of Philodendron erubescens. It is valued for its large, smooth green leaves that fan out in all directions making a beautiful green display! 

Where is it from?

It’s still not known where the Philodendron Imperial Green first started being cultivated. Philodendrons in general are native to the West Indies and Tropical Rainforests of Central and South America.

Who is the Philodendron Imperial Green?

The type of plant that will suffer when overwatered, do be cautious and keep it in well-draining soil and pot! It will give you signs of too much water if the leaves start turning yellow. 

Good For You!

  • Calm:  Large foliage plants help us feel relaxed, and alleviate the body’s response to stress.
  • Colour: The bright green colour of its foliage triggers an evolutionary response that will help you feel vital and healthy.

Is The Philodendron Imperial Green The Right Plant For Me?

Philodendron Imperial Green will stay relatively compact. The leaves are larger and impressive in size but few in number. A beautiful plant that is not hard to keep! 

The Philodendron Imperial Green sometimes may need a little time to adjust to new surroundings. In the meantime yellowing leaves can happen, this is totally normal. With the correct care and conditions, it will soon be back to its original shape!

Is it toxic? Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children, if your skin is on the sensitive side, best to use gardening gloves when handling it. 

How tall does it grow? Indoors, it will rarely grow over 120cm tall

*Decorative pots sold separately.

A compact plant with large glossy leaves that will beautify your interiors! Get your Philodendron Imperial green today!

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