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Rosso Pot Small - buy now
Rosso Pot Small - upper view
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Rosso Pot Small - pot
Rosso Pot Small
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Rosso Pot Medium - indoor

Rosso Pots (Small & Medium)

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The Rosso pot is a simple block colour ceramic with subtle indenting around its circumference. It works well with upright foliage plants.

Potting tip: the Rosso is a slightly deeper pot, so put some pebbles in the bottom to raise the height of your growing pot and plant and to help with drainage after watering.

Rosso Pot Small:

  • Fits 12cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 12cm
  • Internal depth: 12cm

Rosso Pot Medium:

  • Fits 17cm growing pots
  • Opening diameter: 17cm
  • Internal depth: 17cm