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Dwarf weeping tree with dark and light green leaves
Dwarf weeping tree closeup
Dwarf Weeping tree in a white and sand coloured pot
Dwarf weeping tree in a basket
Dwarf weeping tree in a basket
Dwarf weeping tree in a white pot
Dwarf weeping tree in a basket
Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree | Ficus Benjamina natasja
Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree | Ficus Benjamina natasja
Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree | Ficus Benjamina natasja

Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree

Ficus Benjamina natasja

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The Weeping Fig Tree is a very popular house plant because of it's easy nature, beautiful ornamental look and air purifying abilities.

Hailed for its head of glossy, vibrant green foliage, this plant will add a unique, contemporary feel to your home. 

The Weeping Fig Tree is very easy to care for, just make sure you think carefully about where you want to house your plant, as they don't like to be moved around a lot. We would recommend a bright spot away from direct sunlight, radiators and draughts. Water whenever the surface of the soil starts to dry out and never let your plant dry out completely. Mist the leaves from time to time (especially in the summer months).

If your Ficus natasja begins to lose its leaves this may be a sign of underwatering., pop your plant in the bath or shower and give it a good soak, just make sure the water has drained before returning it to its decorative pot.

Growing pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 10-15cm

How to Care for the Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree

  • Weeping Fig Trees will grow well in average home temperatures, 16 to 24ºC  are ideal. Avoid draughts. 
  • Bright light is also important but avoid direct sunlight, a partially shaded spot is perfect! 
  • Allow the top few inches of soil to dry between waterings. Use tepid filtered or distilled water. Be careful to not overwater it.  
  • Mist the leaves often in the warmer months to keep humidity. 
  • Weeping Trees don’t like to be disturbed and luckily don’t need to be repotted as often as other plants.
  • Keep the plant in a fast-draining soil mix. 
  • Fertilise it once a month during the growing season with slow-releasing pallets. 
  • Remove old and drying leaves. You can prune it if you want to keep it compact. Best to prune it in the summer. 

Key Benefits - Purifying and Calming

The Dwarf Weeping tree is a great purifier. It lowers toxins, helping reduce stress and encouraging productivity. 

The Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree Story

Also named Benjamin Tree, Java Fig, Small-leaved Rubber Plant, Ficus Tree and Tropic Laurel, it is most notably known as the Weeping Tree as its branches appear to be hunched forward in mourning.

They don’t like to be moved around as this can cause their leaves to drop. The same will happen if the plant is often repotted unnecessarily. 

Where is it from?

Native from South East Asia and Australia.

Good For You!

  • Feel good! Being around green foliage plants can trigger happiness and improve moods. 
  • Rebalancing: We are surrounded by technology in our day-to-day lives. Having plants nearby can help soak electromagnetic frequencies. 

Is The Dwarf Weeping Fig Tree The Right Plant For Me?

Looking after Weeping Figs is much more about what you shouldn’t do, not what you should do. 

Remember to not move around unnecessarily, avoid direct sunlight and place it away from radiators.

Is it toxic? Keep away from nibbly pets and curious children

If you are likely to have latex sensitivities, wear gloves when handling the plant. 

How tall does it grow?  The Ficus Natasja can grow up to 80 cm tall in the right conditions.

*Decorative pots sold separately.

A lovely plant that will look great in any corner of your home. Perfect if you don’t have a lot of space! Buy yours now!

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