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Chinese Money Plant

English name:

Chinese Money Plant

Latin name:

Pilea Peperomioides

About me:

Some people call me a Pancake Plant which gives you a better idea of my appearance. I have many stems which hold flat, round, green leaves.

Useful to know:


Nihao, I come from China.


I will grow to around 40 cm high, and I'll get wide as well.


Keep me in a bright room with indirect sunlight .


Water me fairly regularly so that my soil is a little moist, but not wet.


Keep me in a warm room, I don't like the cold.


I'm not too hungry but I'd like a bit of fertiliser during Spring, my growing season.


Wipe my leaves clean every few months to allow me to breath properly.


Don't worry if my older leaves go yellow and drop off, this is just part of my growth process. If my leaves are droopy, it might be a sign that I'm thirsty.


I'm not considered toxic but I shouldn't be gobbled up!


I am also called the Friendship Plant because I can be easily split into more plants. According to legend, I will bring good fortune when I am given away. click here to buy Chinese Money Plant.

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