Spiral Cactus | Cereus forbesii spiralis

The kooky Spiral Cactus begins its life as a straight cactus, the ridges beginning to spiral once it reaches a height of approximately 10cm. In nature it usually grows as a shrub with numerous columns in a candelabra-like arrangement.

Other common names include Twisted or Contorted Cereus.

Useful to know:


A South American native, more specifically from Argentina and also found in Brazil.


It can grow to 4m in the wild but will remain much smaller indoors so don't worry! In the wild it will produce waxy pink/white flowers in the summer but these are rarely seen on indoor specimens.


Find it a bright spot to keep it at its happiest but avoid direct sun until the plant is well established or it might scorch.


Allow the soil to dry in between watering as this plant is drought-resistant. Water more during summer months, less frequently during the winter. Never, ever leave it sitting in water or it might get root rot.


It likes normal room temperatures and doesn't do well in temperatures below 10 degrees C.


Not specifically required but feed during summer months if doing so.


None - the Spiral gets on with its own ways.


It dislikes humidity so don't place in bathrooms or steamy kitchens. If you'd like it grow tall, repot every 1-2 years but make sure you use cacti compost.


Not toxic but its spines are very sharp so handle with care!


The Spiral Cactus was imported into Europe in the 1980s at a very high price.

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