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Wandering Dude Pink

English name:

Wandering Dude Pink

Latin name:

Tradescantia Quadricolour Pink

About me:

I am known for my easy care nature and colourful foliage of silver, purple and green, which will trail or hang, as you wish. My common name, Wandering Dude or Wandering Jew, is derived from my propensity ability to root and thrive in different environments.

Useful to know:


I am native to Mexico and Central America.


I am fast growing and can grow to half a meter long.


I thrive in bright to medium light conditions. To maintain the most striking colours, give me bright, diffused light.


Once my soil has begun to dry out, give me a good watering. In the Winter, do so less frequently. Don't let me sit in wet soil for long periods as this will cause root rot.


I am happy in normal room temperatures from 10-24°C.


During the growing season feed me every few weeks with a diluted solution.


An important part of growing me is pinching back my long, vining tendrils. Good grooming will encourage me to branch and increase fullness.


I enjoy humidity and being misted on occasion.


I am mildly toxic to pets so best keep me away from pets and children.


I have a slightly shorter lifespan than other plants, but you should be good for about a year. Click here to buy Wandering Jew plant.

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