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Pink flowering plant - Guzmania 'Candy' Blooms Pink Candy' Guzmania plant -Tropical rose Delight
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Guzmania 'Candy'

Yellow Dried Flowers BouquetYellow Dried Flowers Bouquet
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Yellow Dried Flowers Bouquet

eco friendly plant set - Snake Plant Laurentii in coconut fibre pot Eco Coconut Pot and Snake Plant - Earth Friendly Beauty
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Snake Plant Laurentii & Eco Coconut Pot

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Pineapple Plant - Tropical Elegance with Distinctive FormTropical Pineapple Plant - Exotic Allure
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Pineapple Plant

9 reviews
Bamboo Orchid 'Apollon' | Dendrobium Nobile - Bloombox ClubWhite Orchid Bamboo delivery
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Copper Fairy Lights for plants (100 Bulb)fairy lights - Enchanting Ambiance and nightime charm
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Copper String Fairy Lights (100 Bulb)

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Silver Bee House | Silver Metal roof - Bloombox ClubSide view of a  green bee house with silver roof and bamboo tubes
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Silver Bee House

Yellow Bee House- Pollinator friendly gardenBee House for garden Pollinators - Buzzy Abode
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Set: 3 Heart Shaped Plants | Gift for Plant LoversSet: 3 Heart Shaped Plants | Gift for Plant Lovers
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Set: 3 Heart Shaped Plants

Earthy Plant Gift | Sustainable Gift and Bundle for Plant LoversBloombox Club Mister
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Earthy Plant Gift