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A closeup of the Mother Fern
The Mother Fern in a hanging basket
Detail of the Mother Fern in a plant pot
Mother Fern in a plant pot

Mother Fern

Asplenium 'Parvati'

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The Mother Fern is a unique plant that has lovely thick, dark green fronds. It is one of the only ferns on Earth that produces 'plant babies' on its leaves, hence its common name Mother Fern.  

The Asplenium 'Parvati' makes great hanging plants and ours comes with its own detachable hanger so you can have yours cascading from a hook, railing, or do without the hanger entirely and let it trail down a bookcase.

Growing pot size: 17cm plus hanging hook. We advise buying a larger decorative pot size as the lip of the hanging pot makes it slightly bigger

Overall plant height including growing pot: 30-40cm

Key Benefits - Purifying and Mood-boosting 

Ferns in general are great at filtering air pollutants, they work as an indoor air purifier in your home! They will also bring life to the home, boosting our moods and making us feel better!

Plant Care Tips: Mother Fern

  • Place your Mother Fern in a bright spot with indirect sunlight and water regularly, more in the warmer months, less in the winter. Keep it moist but don’t waterlog it. 
  • Average household temperatures are perfect for these plants. 
  • They are tolerant to low humidity conditions but will appreciate a little misting sometimes. 
  • Mother Ferns aren’t super hungry but will enjoy feeding during the growing season once a week with a weak fertiliser. 
  • Feed: Does not require a lot of extra feeding. Apply a weak solution occasionally during You can remove any excess dust with a clean damp cloth.
  • Rotate the plant from time to time to keep its shape. 

The Mother Fern Story

Where is it from?

They are natives of Australia and New Zealand

Who is the Mother Fern?

The Mother Fern reproduce by replicating themselves so each of them is identical to the New Zealand's original. 

Good For You!

  • Happyness: Having an active hobby like caring for plants has been proven to release endorphins relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. 
  • Good health! The colour green has a feel-good effect on us, adding little pops of colour in your green garden can accentuate the feelings of health.

Is The Mother Fern The Right Plant For Me?

Its hardiness and robust nature make it a very easy plant to care for. It’s also very unlikely to attract pests when kept indoors. 

If you have children, looking after the Mother Fern could be a great activity. Due to its low maintenance, it could teach your little ones a lot about responsibility.

It’s also not toxic! So, safe for children and pets! 

How tall does it grow?  A slow grower will grow up to 50 cm indoors.

Easy to care for and beneficial in many ways! Get your Mother Fern today!

Looking for care information?

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