About Our Growers

Bloombox Club builds sustained relationships with growers, wherever possible. We believe this is the only way to ensure quality and best practice - from both an environmental and a horticultural perspective. It means we’re the first to know when unusual plants become available and all of our care information can be cross-checked with specialists. We tend to work with growers who have particular expertise with a single plant family or group of plants.

In the case of Smit, it's less about individual varieties, and more about the care and expertise behind the plants. Thanks to years of testing and finessing, every plant from Smit is made to flourish in your home. 

Diary of a Plant Hunter

If you’ve ever stopped and wondered where your houseplants come from, there’s no story more satisfying than that of Smit Kwekerijen.

Plant hunter Obed Smit travels to almost untouched tropical regions across the globe in search of unusual varieties that might be reproduced in Europe, or hybridised to create new, unique plants.