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Dive into the beauty of becoming a Terrarium expert.

If you're not familiar with terrariums, they're like these little miniature gardens enclosed in glass. Picture a tiny ecosystem nestled inside a jar or container.

Terrariums were discovered by accident by English Botanist, Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw. and they have been around since the 19th century, initially used for studying plants. Nowadays, there are Terrarium Experts crafting mini green worlds all around the globe.

What's really cool about them? You create little plant ecosystems thriving inside a glass container, a green world at the smallest scale! Needing minimal care and offering a captivating view of nature.

You will receive all the elements to craft your mini-landscape, combining tiny plants, textures, and miniature decorative elements to make it uniquely yours!

How to build a Healthy Terrarium

Pour Gravel in the Glass

Add Activated Charcoal

Mix Gravel and Charchoal, then Add Soil

Add Plants and Tiny Elements like rocks or moss to create a mini landscape