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Brown leather gloves and metal gardening tools with wood handles
Metal gardening tools with wood handles
Leather gardening gloves

3 Piece Garden Tool Set

Trowel, Hand Rake Fork and Gloves

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Whether you are starting your gardening journey, or you are a pro grower, there are certain utensils that everyone with a green thumb needs!
These beautifully made hand tools are ideal for use in borders, tubs and pots. Big landscapes or a window sill, make the most of your space!

Key Benefits — Functional and Durable

If you’re looking for quality strong and durable garden tools, your search is over! These are a must-have, especially for beginners and urban gardeners.

Fork and Trowel:

  • Strong and resistant to rust stainless steel heads.
  • Leather hoop for easy storage.
  • Comfortable long-lasting ashwood handle


  • Robust durable leather.
  • Protects you from sharp objects.
  • Authentic feel and flexibility.

How to use garden tools:

Hand trowel:

  • Digging,
  • Smoothing soil,
  • Moving small amounts of viscous material,
  • Breaking up the earth,
  • Digging small holes,
  • Planting,
  • Weeding,
  • Mixing in fertilizer or other additives,
  • Reporting (For reporting tips, read this blog).

Hand Rake Fork :

The hand rake is your soil manipulation tool. You can use it for:

  • Breaking up light soil,
  • Loosening,
  • Lifting dirt,
  • Turning over,
  • Weeding,
  • Removing debris and weeds,
  • Smoothing


Garden gloves are essential to protect you against dirt and injuries. It will guard your hands and wrists against splinters, scratches and scrapes. They are also a must to avoid infections from bacteria that live in the soil

Did you know?

Some of the earliest evidence of gardening dates as far back as 5000 BCE at various locations around the world. Humans started using gardening around 2.6 million years ago, in the Stone Age!
Before the development of metalwork, these tools were made of wood, flint, metal, tin, and bone.


1x Trowel
1x Hand Rake Fork
1 pair of Leather Gloves

No matter what stage you are in your gardening experience, you need a reliable set of tools! Get yours now!

Looking for care information?

Why not search our Plantcare from A-Z guide and Green Room blog for helpful information, hints and tips.