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Close up of Crispy wave fern's wavy green leaves in white pot
Crispy Wave Fern in White Pot
Close up of Crispy wave fern's wavy  green leaves
Close up of Crispy wave fern's wavy  green leaves
Crispy wave fern in woven basket
Selection of different green potted plants
Crispy wave fern in woven hanging basket

Pleated Bird's Nest Fern - Asplenium Nidus Crispy Wave

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Also known as the Crispy Wave Fern, the Bird's Nest Fern is a beautiful bright green and luscious fern. With its fresh-looking thick textural leaves and air purifying qualities, it is the perfect green buddy for any home. 

My name is a pretty good descriptor: I have thin, crinkly leaves that rise upwards from my pot. I am glossy and bright green.

Growing pot size: 12cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 20-25cm

Key Benefits of Bird's Nest Fern — Purifying  

A great natural air purifier. The rippled texture of its fronds gives a larger surface for carbon dioxide to be filtered into oxygen. 

Plant Care Tips: The Bird's Nest Fern

Being a tropical plant, the Asplenium Nidus thrives in humid spaces making it ideal for bathrooms. 

  • Hydrate it often, ideally in the mornings with room-temperature filtered water. If the water is cold, the plant may drop some leaves.
  • Make sure the soil is always moist but not soggy, this could cause root rot. 
  • Place the plant in a cool room free of draughts. 
  • This fern prefers moderate indirect light and deep shade to maintain its wrinkled shape. Too much light can cause the leaves to yellow.
  • During the growing season, we recommend fertilising it once every fortnight. 
  • Remove excess dust with a damp cloth but avoid the more delicate new fronds. 
  • If you can’t keep it in a humid area, mist the leaves twice a day. You can also place it near other plants as they create moisture naturally as they grow. 
  • As an epiphyte, it will survive well in a smaller pot but when you notice the plant it’s outgrowing it, it’s time to be re-potted. 

The Crispy Wave Fern Story

Until the Middle Ages, this plant was used as a medicinal drink to treat spleen problems. 

Where is it from?

Their natural habitat is tropical climates. They are native mainly to Japan and Taiwan but also southeastern Asia, eastern Australia, Christmas Island, India, Hawaii, Polynesia, and eastern Africa.

Who is the Crispy Wave Fern?

A fast grower if given the right conditions, this trendy plant naturally grows on moist branches and rocks.  

Good For You!

  • Breathe: Great at removing toxins and impurities from the air, it’ll help you breathe more easily...  
  • Restore: Our minds associate vibrant green colours with health and freshness helping us feel relaxed and calm. 

Is The Pleated Bird's Nest Fern The Right Plant For Me?

They thrive in humidity and are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens but also grow really well in most rooms as long as they are kept away from direct sunlight. 

If you have spaces with good airflow and you can give it the moisture it needs, then this fern is the one for you! 

Pets: Pet friendly

How tall does it grow? In the outdoors, with the correct care, the Asplenium Nidus will grow up to 1.2 metres tall and 50 centimetres wide. As a houseplant, it rarely grows taller than 80 cm. 

Useful to know:


South East Asia.


In the wild, I can grow up to 80cm; as a houseplant, I'll probably stay more compact.


I like moderate, indirect light. Please keep me away from direct sunlight and deep shade.


I like my soil to be moist, but don't let me get too soggy.


Cool to average household temperatures between 16-21°C. Keep away from draughts.


I'm not too greedy, give me a weak solution occasionally during the growing season.


Remove excess dust with a damp cloth, however, take care to avoid tender new fronds. Do not use leaf shine as the fronds are sensitive to chemicals.


Rotate your plant if it gets more light from one side, this will help maintain an even shape.


Good news: I'm pet-safe!


I am really good at removing toxins and impurities from the air, so I'll help you breathe more easily.

*Decorative pot sold separately.

A unique easy to care plant that will make a great addition to your indoor oasis! Get yours now! 

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