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Close up detail of Elephant ear 'Yucatan Princess' with dark green glossy leaves and dark red stems in a white pot
Elephant Ear 'Yucatan Princess'
Alocasia sarawakensis
Alocasia sarawakensis plant
Elephant Ear Yucatan Princess plant
Alocasia sarawakensis indoor plant

Elephant Ear 'Yucatan Princess'

Alocasia sarawakensis

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The 'Yucatan Princess' is an unusual variety of Alocasia. It has glossy dark grey-green puckered leaves with maroon underleaf, growing from elegant chocolate brown stems - sure to add drama to your home.

Native to tropical and subtropical Asia to eastern Australia, Alocasias enjoys humidity, and space to grow. It is also a sunlover, but keep it away from direct sunlight.

Water once a week and don’t let the soil get too soggy. If your plant gets too much water, it will drip water from the tip of the leaf - a sure sign that you need to level off a bit!

Growing pot size: 15cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 45-55cm

Pets: Harmful to pets

Decorative pot sold separately.

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