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Breeze Pot Small
Breeze Pot Small - Detail
Breeze Pot Medium
Breeze Medium Pot
Breeze Pot Medium Banana

Breeze Pot

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These minimalist cube-shaped cement pots allow brightly patterned Calatheas to shine. They also look great with monocolored plants and those with contrasting forms, like Money Plants with their curved leaves. Breeze has a weathered cement finish, which has risen in popularity in the interior design world in the last few years.

If you prefer the more 'polished' concrete finish check out our Cubo and Rock pots.

Breeze Pot Small

Fits 10-11cm growing pots

  • Opening diameter: 11.5cm
  • Internal depth: 12.5cm

Breeze Pot Medium

Fits 13cm growing pots

  • Opening diameter: 13.3cm
  • Internal depth: 13.5cm