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Calathea Bluegraa
Calathea Bluegrass in woven basket
Calathea Bluegrass in white pot
Close up of the Calathea Bluegrass
Calathea Bluegrass in white pot shot from above.
Calathea Bluegrass in grey round pot.
Calathea bluegrass in cream and beige pot
Calathea Bluegrasas in pink pot
Calathea Bluegrass | Calathea rufibarba "Blue grass"

Calathea Bluegrass

Calathea rufibarba "Blue grass"

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The bluey-green Calathea "Bluegrass" has vivid elongated leaves, held by upright stalks. As it matures, this plant's elegant foliage begins to cascade bountifully over its pot.

They are also known as Fuzzy Feathers Plant, or Velvet Calatheas because of their textured fuzzy feel on the underside of their leaves. 

Growing pot size: 17cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 35-45cm

Key Benefits — Purify your home

Calatheas natural habitat is humid South American rainforests. Misting them regularly will make them look their best. If you place a few of them together, they can help improve humidity in dry rooms.

Humidifying dry spaces is particularly beneficial during colder months when the skin is dry due to exposure to central heating. If you have respiratory problems, this is also a great help! 

Plant Care Tips: Calathea Bluegrass

  • A rainforest-dweller, your plant will thrive in a humid environment with filtered light. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • They prefer warmer environments. If they are kept indoors, in the winter, place them in a well-heated room.
  • Make sure to mist your plant’s leaves to ensure it's getting enough moisture.
  • During waterings, check that the top layer of soil is dry but that the lower soil is kept lightly moist. Use collected rainwater or bottled, distilled water without fluoride. 
  • Make sure your Blue Grass is in a pot with drainage holes in its base, if the soil becomes waterlogged, it can be affected by root rot
  • Feed it once a month with half-strength liquid fertiliser. Do not feed it during the winter. 

The Calathea Bluegrass Story

Where is it from?

Native to the  Bahia state of northeastern Brazil.

Who is the Calathea Bluegrass?

Calathea rufibarbas are sometimes called the 'living plant' because their leaves move throughout the course of the day.  During the evening, the plant folds its leaves into an upright position and opens them the next day, working to its own circadian rhythm.

Good For You!

Restore: Because of their circadian rhythm, Calatheas behave according to the rhythms of the day. Our internal clocks are influenced by the environment and it is believed that the Fuzzy Feathers Plants are perfect in the bedroom to help the body prepare to sleep.

Boost: By looking after plants we also improve the way we take care of ourselves. This has been proven to have a positive effect on mental health wellbeing. 

Regularly engaging with plants from misting and watering to touching, stimulates the brain and improves decision making and self-control. 

Is The Calathea Bluegrass The Right Plant For Me?

Calatheas will thrive if their environment mimics their rainforest origins.

Attention must be taken to keep them in good shape by maintaining soil moisture and humidity. If you can find the right balance, they will survive in nearly any household! 

Pets: Pet-friendly

How tall does it grow? If the correct conditions are maintained, they can grow up to 1 to 2 feet in one year. 

*Decorative pot sold separately

A beautiful fuzzy friend that can help you sleep and purify your home. Buy your Calathea Bluegrass now! 

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