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Close up of Calathea Elgergrass' green and purple leaves
Calathea Elgergrass in a beige basket
Calathea Elgergrass in a white pot
Calathea Elgergrass in a white pot
Close up of the Calathea Elgergrass green and purple leaves
Close up of the Calathea Elgergrass green and purple leaves
Close up of green leaves
Calathea Elgergrass in a white pot
Calathea Elgergrass in a grey round pot
Calathea Elgergrass in white and beige pot
Calathea Elgergrass in a pink pot
Calathea Elgergrass in a beige and orange pot

Calathea Elgergrass

Calathea rufibarba 'Elgergrass'

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The striking Calathea 'Elgergrass' will add vibrancy to your home with its contrasting green and purple ribbed-edged leaves.

These wonder plants even take themselves to bed every night - their leaves spread open in the morning to catch the light, and in the evening they close in an upwards motion. If you listen out, you may hear the leaves rustling throughout the day.

Key Benefits — Purifying and Colour 

The Calathea rufibarba 'Elgergrass' is also an amazing air-purifier, which means it filters pollutants in the air and expels fresh oxygen!

Colour has a great impact on our feelings and emotions. The purple in the Calathea Rufibarba is perceived as spiritual and intriguing. 

Plant Care Tips: The Calathea Elgergrass

  • Find your plant a partially shaded spot away from a window, as direct sunlight will scorch its leaves and could damage its growth and development. 
  • Calathea Elgergrass plants come from the tropics of South America so will require a humid environment. Mist your plant regularly or place a bowl of water near it to maintain humidity levels. 
  • Water once the top of the soil begins to dry out - little and often is a good watering policy (once or twice a week).
  • The ideal temperature is between 18º and 23ºC. Avoid draughts and environments with temperatures below 15ºC. 
  • During the growing season, feed it once every fortnight with a nutrient-rich fertiliser. 

Your new Calathea Elgergrass 

Growing pot size: 17cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 35-45 cm

How tall does it grow? It’s a moderately fast-growing plant, it can grow up to 1metre high. 

The Calathea Elgergrass Story

Also known as Velvet Calathea and Fuzzy Feathers due to its fuzzy underside, it has unique dark green slim leaves with purple underneath. 

When the plant is young, its leaves are light green and as it matures they darken.

Where is it from?

Native from tropical Americas, especially the Brazilian Amazon rainforests. 

Good For You!

  • Extent: Plants help us feel grounded. Calatheas open their leaves with the sun and close them at night. Having them in your bedroom can help improving sleep quality. 
  • Boost: As you touch its fuzzy feathers, you engage with the plant. Taking care of plants helps us improve how we look after ourselves.   

Is The Calathea Elgergrass The Right One For Me?

As with every tropical plant, they need to be given its natural environment conditions to grow strong and healthy. 

They are also quite resistant to pests and not likely to have diseases, which makes them easy to care for.

As long as you provide it with sufficient humidity and correct lighting, The Rufibarba is the one for you! 

Pets: Pet friendly 

*Decorative pots sold separately.


Are you looking for something to give your indoor oasis a splash of colour? Then get your Calathea Elgergrass now! 

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