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A green plant pot with coaster
Recycled Coaster Pot Green
Recycled Coaster Pot Green
A stack of 4 plant pots in different colours

Recycled Coaster Pot Green

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These designer 100% recycled pots made using wind energy will add a touch of sophistication to your indoor or outdoor oasis! They are lightweight and easy to move around but at the same time super sturdy! 

The Green Coaster Pot will match perfectly with your plants and create a beautiful display in your garden! 

Available in two sizes:


Fits 21cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 23cm

Internal depth: 20cm

Extra Large 

Fits 27cm growing pots

Opening diameter: 28cm

Internal depth: 24cm

Key Benefits — Frostproof and drainage system! 

  • They are weather-resistant meaning you can keep them outdoors and there will be no frost or heat damage! 
  • They have an in-built water reservoir that can be accessed by the roots when they are drying out! 

Your garden will look even more stylish with the addition of this great recycled pot! Get yours today! 

*Also available in other colours