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Hydroponic Mother-in-Law's Tongue | Sansevieria futura superba
hydroponic sansevieria in a cylindrical glass
sansevieria leaves in a cylindrical glass
Hyrdroponic sansevieria in a cylindrical glass
Close up of hydroponic sansevieria's roots
hydroponic sansevieria's roots

Hydroponic Mother-in-Law's Tongue

Sansevieria futura superba

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The Sansevieria Mother in Law’s Tongue is famous for its durability. Many new plant parents start their collection successfully with this one! 

With wide variegated sword-like leaves, it’s not only almost indestructible but also very appealing! 

Key Benefits — Humidifying and super tough! 

This Sansevieria helps increase the air’s humidity, so it’s great for your skin, eyes and airways. 

The Mother in Law’s Tongue is already super resistant when grown in soil. Without it, the plant becomes incredibly resilient to most diseases and pests!

What are Hydroponic plants? 

  • The same plants you are used to seeing in pots and gardens but hydroponics are grown in water instead of soil! 
  • They collect the nutrients they need to survive from the water! 

Note that not all plants can be hydroponics but the Sansevieria futura superba is a great one! 

How to set it up

  • You will receive your Hydroponic Mother in Law’s Tongue and a beautiful glass container. 
  • Insert the plant in the glass. Add a layer of water to cover the roots only. 
  • The top part of the roots should be free of water so they can breathe.

How to care for the Hydroponic Mother in Law's Tongue

  • As the water starts to evaporate, top it up to make sure the roots are always immersed. 
  • When the water starts to look a bit ‘milky, it's time to replace it. Empty the container, Carefully rinse the roots and add fresh water. 
  • For the nutrients, your plant needs, use collected rainwater or bottled distilled water.
  • Occasionally, add a few drops of liquid fertiliser to the water. Then, replace it on the following day to avoid prolonged contact with the extra nutrients (this can cause root rot).
  • Keep the glass always clean and clear to keep the plant growing healthily.
  • Place the plant in a bright room away from sunlight. 

The Mother in Law's Tongue Story

Where is it from?

Tropical West African Region.

Who is the Hydroponic Mother in Law’s Tongue?

Also called Snake Plant and Good Luck plant, this durable Sansevieria is one of the most popular houseplants today! 

Good For You!

  • Purifying: This Sansevieria is brilliant at removing harmful toxins from the air at night, making it a great bedroom companion. 
  • Good Luck! In Feng Shui, Sansevierias are considered plants that bring good luck.

Is The Hydroponic Mother in Law's Tongue The Right Plant For Me?

The Mother in Law’s Tongue is already one of the easiest plants to look after. Growing it in water makes it even more easygoing! If you think you don’t have a natural green thumb, this is the one for you! 


Pets: It can cause stomach upset if ingested, keep away from pets and children. 

Your new Hydroponic Mother in Law's Tongue


Overall plant height including growing pot: 35 cm

Super easy to care for, resistant and air purifying! Do we need to say more? Get yours now!