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Close up of the Rubber Plant 'Robusta'
Close up of the Rubber Plant 'Robusta's green leaves
Close up of the Rubber Plant 'Robusta's green leaves
Rubber Plant with large green leaves in a jute beige basket .
Rubber Plant with large green leaves in a jute beige and black basket .
Rubber plant in a beige besket
XL Green Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant 'Robusta' - Ficus elastica 'Robusta'

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A straight growing central-stemmed plant, the Rubber Plant ‘Robusta’ is perfect for new gardeners who want to make an impression! 

They can grow under low light conditions and only require moderate watering. More in the summer, less in the winter.   

In the early stages, it displays lovely broad cream and green leaves with tints of pink and burgundy. Later on, it will develop thick stems and large green glossy leaves that can grow up to 20cm long.

Growing pot size: 27cm

Overall plant height including growing pot: 90-100cm

Key Benefits — The statement ornament your home was missing! 

Due to their striking looks with thick stems and large green glossy leaves, the Ficus elastica is cultivated worldwide as ornamental plants. They can also grow spiky yellow or brown cone-shaped flowers.

Rubber plants are also tolerant of being over or underwater, which makes them ideal for beginners. 

Plant Care Tips: The Rubber Plant 'Robusta'

This big buddy will never leaf you alone if you give it the right care!

  • Place it in a well-lit spot with indirect sunlight. They can survive in badly lit spaces but will become a bit gauntly. 
  • Constant watering is recommended while they are growing but avoid damp roots. Wait until the soil surface and top inch have dried out before watering it again. 
  • Don’t let the plant sit in water, if there’s still water in the drip tray 30 minutes after watering, pour it away. 
  • Daily misting to maintain humidity, especially when the air is dry is recommended!  
  • If you want your Rubber plant to produce extra-large leaves, it will need feeding, but don’t fertilise it in the winter. In the warmer months, a little feed once every 2 waterings will be enough.

The Rubber Plant 'Robusta' Story

Where is it From?

This Evergreen tropical tree is native of South Asia and Southeast Asia so it will thrive in diverse climates (preferably between 10°C to 29°C )

Who is the Ficus Elastica?

The name ‘Rubber Plant’ was given due to its white sap which is used in the production of rubber. 

If it grows in a well-lit area, it will resist pests and diseases.

They are tough and although they start small, they can reach up to 50 to 100 ft within just a few years in the outdoors. Indoors, with regular pruning, it will easily be kept at a maximum of 6ft. 

Good For You!

  • Purify: These imposing trees filter airborne toxins from the atmosphere, and they have been named one of the best plants to clear the air.
  • Relax: Plants are proven to alleviate the body’s response to stress, the bigger they are, the better the feeling of calm and safety.

Is The Rubber Plant 'Robusta' The Right Plant For Me?

Although they have been cultivated as houseplants, they will require some space and a pruning routine if you want to keep them at a regular size. 

If you have an outdoor area, it will appreciate the fresh air during the summer but avoid cold drafts. 

The latex in the sap is not especially pleasant if swallowed, so it needs to be kept away from curious children and pets. Handle the plant carefully if you are prone to latex allergies.

Pets: Harmful to pets

How tall does it grow? In its natural habitat, it can grow over 30 metres tall. As a house plant, its height can be more manageable. 

*Decorative pot sold separately.

An imposing houseplant with no need for expert care that will give your guests something to talk about!

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