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Rediscover Your Nature with Plants

The relaxing presence of nature in your home, along with the benefits of caring for your plants as a way of living, can completely transform you. Turn your home into your sanctuary with plants.

Plant Terrariums

Grow your collection of tiny Rainforests, Jungles, Deserts, or Pink Amazonas! Or send a Terrarium Gift to your favourite Nature Lovers. A collection to create Ecosystems at the smallest scale!

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Discover Our Plant Finder Tool

Searching for your perfect Soil-Mate?

Our Plant Finder combines all your requested features and helps you discovering the ideal plants for your unique gardening requirements, such as space, lighting, and size.

Monthly Plant Subscription Box

Get a plant With Matching Pot & Care Guide Sent to you every Month

Can't decide on a plant? With our Plant Subscription Box we will make the decision and surprise you every month with a plant and perfect matching pot. Got pets? No problem, we offer a Classic and Pet-Friendly Subscription Box.


To safely deliver unique plants that will transform any home into a lush, healthy oasis.

We take pride in our more than 200, 000 Unique Plants Safely Delivered within the UK since 2015!

🌱At Bloombox Club, our biggest priority is to deliver your precious living plants SAFELY! and only with trusted couriers that can handle and deliver with care to your door.
🌱Please remember that Plant Deliveries are completely different from any other delivery, these delicate living beings require direct care and cannot be stored in a warehouse as other material goods, nor delivered as products.
🌱Our packages are specially designed to keep your plant healthy and to be as environmentally conscious as possible.
🌱Do you have any questions? or You would like to share your experience with us? Please send us an email to We love to hear from you! And we are committed to give you answers within 24–48 hours.

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Plants to Breathe Better, Restore by Night and Boost Biodiversity

Breathe fresh air with Air Purifying Plants, help your body Restore by night with plants that trap dust and release oxygen by night and boost Biodiversity Indoors to create your Green Oasis at home.

Plantcare from A‑Z


No two plants are the same. Some of your green friends are jungle dwellers, others prefer a desert; some love the sun, others not so much. Our A-Z guide has all the tools you need to keep your green friends happy.

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We will match the price of other online plant retailers. If you find the same plant from another e-commerce plant shop at a better price, we will match it.

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