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Upsell Accessories

Upsell Accessories

Organic Plant FoodOrganic Plant Food
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Mister Glass Bottle for Plant Care
Save 60%
Block of solid soil in packagingCompact Soil
Save 13%
3 Piece Garden Tool Set | Trowel, Hand Rake Fork and Gloves3 Piece Garden Tool Set | Trowel, Hand Rake Fork and Gloves
Save 0

3 Piece Garden Tool Set

Nutrition Cone Fertiliser | Pokon 10pcs
Save 0

Nutrition Cone Fertiliser

Green Plant Fertiliser from Pokon
Save 40%

Green Plant Fertiliser

£8.85 £14.95
Potting Mat | Mess-free indoor garden!Potting Mat | Mess-free indoor garden!
Save 0

Potting Mat

Garden Scoop in paper packageWooden handle of spade
Save 31%

Garden Scoop

£12.95 £19.00
Round Steel Watering Can
New in!
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Round Steel Watering Can

Aomori Hiba Magic | 80g
Save 0

Aomori Hiba Magic

Aomori Hiba Distilled Water Pouch | 1LAomori Hiba Distilled Water Pouch | 1L
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Hiba wood candle with burning flameHiba wood candle with not flame
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Aomori Hiba Wood Candle

Aomori Hiba Distilled Water KitAomori Hiba Distilled Water Kit
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Aomori Hiba Distilled Water Spray | 350mlAomori Hiba Distilled Water Spray | 350ml
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Hiba wood wild incense spray
Save 41%

Aomori Hiba Wild Incense Spray for Pets

£16.95 £29.00