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Anniversary Gift

Anniversary coming up? Whether you’re gifting friends, family or a romantic partner, plants are a great way to show your appreciation.
Make an everlasting statement by having everlasting gifts delivered their way. Forget about bouquets that last for a week. Plants will keep their rooms and gardens blooming for years to come, and they’ll always remember you when they see them.
We have all shades of green here. Just pick and we’ll do the rest.

Are indoor plants good anniversary gifts?

Indoor plants are a good anniversary gift because they show that you have made an effort to choose a gift that will constantly remind them of you and your special bond. It’s like being there, even if you’re not around!

What plant can be sent as an anniversary gift?

Send plants that match the recipient well. Do they live in a rented space? Do they have their own garden? If you can find a plant that matches their style or a plant that has significance to your relationship, all the better!

How to send plants as gifts for anniversary?

This one’s on us! Just let us know where to send the plant, slip a sweet message, and we’ll do every bit of care to have it delivered to your special someone just in time for your anniversary!

How can we help deliver your plants safely?

Bloombox packages orders in safe boxes to ensure safe delivery. If the courier arrives and you’re not around, they’ll remove the plant from the box and leave it in a safe spot to give it breathing room. And it’ll be sitting there green and happy to welcome you when you get home. You can read more about it here