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Halloween Plants

Create an Enchanting Indoor Garden with these fun, whimsical and otherworldy looking plants!

What are Halloween plants?

Halloween plants are plants that encapsulate the spirit of Halloween, either with their otherworldly shapes and patterns, or the warm autumnal glow of their foliage. They make fun, original Halloween gifts that support your and the planet’s wellbeing.

Why send a plant for Halloween?

With the abundance of trick-or-treat sweets around during Halloween, sending sweets is likely to go underappreciated. A curious green life form arriving at the front door is a unique treat that will continue to bring joy throughout the winter months to come.

What plants can be gifted on Halloween?

Caladium Autumn Beauty Leaves has blood red and sunset orange leaves that capture the beauty of autumn all year round. A mysterious Shark Fin is also a great green trick-or-treat. Or why not consider the Polka Dot Begonia’s extraterrestrial silver dots to set the scene for an iconic Halloween party?

How can we help deliver your plants safely?

Plants are living beings so we take pride in delivering them with the care they deserve. We aim to deliver within 5 working days and if you aren’t in our couriers will leave your plant in a safe place.