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Caladium Frog in a Blender light and dark green leaves
Close up of Caladium Frog in a blender in a beige basket
Caladium Frog in a Blender in a beige basket
Detail of Caladium Frog in a blender in a beige basket

Caladium Frog in a Blender

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The biggest Caladiums we've ever had!

No frogs have been harmed in the making of this plant! 

An unusual name for an unusual plant, the Caladium Frog in a Blender has beautiful striking large leaves with splashes of lime and dark greens that will liven up your indoor or outdoor garden! 

Overall plant height including growing pot:  45-55cm height including growing pot

Growing pot size: Growing pot size 24cm diameter. 

Key Benefits — Colour and Purifying 

The contrasting greens are definitely an eye-catching feature of this beautiful plant! 

Colour has a great impact on how we feel so they are super important to our mental health.  The colour green is associated with nature and can influence feel-good emotions in our brain. 

Tropical plants are great at purifying the air. They filter impurities like cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes and transform them into the fresh air we breathe! 

Plant Care Tips: The Caladium Frog in a Blender

  • Regular watering will keep this Caladium looking its best. Make sure the soil is always moist but be careful to not waterlog it. 
  • Place it somewhere with bright indirect sunlight 
  • It’s a tropical plant so it appreciates warmer temperatures, if you keep it outdoors, bring it back inside in the winter. 
  • Mist it often to keep humidity, you can also place the plant pot on a tray with pebbles and water. 
  • Feed it with a liquid fertiliser during the warmer months. 

The Caladium Frog in a Blender Story

Caladiums are the type of plants that go dormant in the winter. Their leaves start to fall and the plant goes back to ‘sleep’.

When this happens, you can save its tubers in dry soil and replant them again the following year.  

Where are they from?

Caladiums are tropical plants native to Central America and the northern parts of and South America

They are popular in indigenous tribes. Because of their heart-shaped leaves, they are believed to repel local negative energy. 

Is the Caladium Frog in a Blender the right plant for me?

Caladium Frog in a Blender are beautiful decorative plants that love the shade so they are perfect for shaded gardens, patios or indoors. 

Their leaves can be a little fragile but survive beautifully with the correct protection from wind and sun. 

Because Caladiums like constant hydration, during transport, they can get a little bit dry. This is normal and will not affect the health of your plant. Make sure you water thoroughly as soon as you receive it. It will be back to its usual beautiful self within 24 to 48 hours!  

Is it toxic? Toxic, keep away from pets and children.

How tall does it grow? They grow up to 2 .5  feet tall and wide

*Decorative pots sold separately 

A trendy plant that will bring a tropical feel to your home. Get your Caladium Frog in a Blender now! 

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